SK3 Waterproof Seal



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SK3 seal kits include a large PS13 seal for the clamshell and a smaller seal for the access panel.
Waterproof elastomer gaskets are designed to provide a barrier against an ingress of moisture and dust for our S Series with access panels. The gaskest will add a height to your enclosure of .07″ (1.78mm) minus compression. It is important to follow recommended screw torque. It is recommended to use a new gasket each time the enclosure is opened. Enclosures with perimeter seals meet or exceed:

Dielectric Strength Continuous Operating Temp Tensile Strength Color
125 mil, 500V/mil 60°C to 125°C 540 PSI Black

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Weight .06 lbs
Dimensions 4.38 × 3.25 × .25 in