End Panel Characteristics (optional)

Optional End Panels For A-Series, M-Series & H-Series/

End Panels are available in Deep Violet (for infrared transmission), Clear and Transparent Red.

Clear And Transparent Red Panel Characteristics

Dielectric Strength: 85 KV/mil
Continuous operating temperature: -50°C (-58°F) to 74°C (165°F)

End Panel Thickness; For all IR, CL & Transparent

A-Series end panels are .060 in (1.52 mm) except A-42 which is .125 in (3.18 mm).
H-Series end panels are .045 in (1.14 mm).
M-Series end panels are .065 in (1.65 mm).

Infrared Panel Characteristics

Dielectric Strength: 380 V/mil
Continuous operating temperature: -129°C (-200°F) to 276°C (310°F)